About Us

Charlieguide was founded by Charlie Elbas a licensed tour guide by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.

Charlie started his career as an assistant tour guide at the age of 12 when joined his uncle who ran a field school of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Santa Catharina in the Sinai Peninsula and ever since the love for the country is inherent in him.

Charlieguide has a great experience guiding incoming tourism of large groups, hi-tech companies, guests of governmental agencies, private companies, family and single tours (conducted in a limousine).

We offer different types of tours such as pilgrimage tours, Jewish Heritage Tours, Bar/Bat Mitzvah tours, Private tours for businessmen, family tours and more.

Among our services which we have to offer as part of your visit are booking hotels, sites, attractions, restaurants, VIP service at the airport and everything that will be required for your visit and experience to be perfect.

We would love to take your call and tailor your Israel experience that will fit you the most.

Call us today:    972.54.2189009 or 972.8.6751100   .

Best Regards, Charlie & Lizzy