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Jerusalem Tour

Jerusalem area is an area tours suitable for all year round and a wide range of activities for nature lovers, lovers JNF forests, archeology and history enthusiasts and of course we have not forgotten the fans entertainment and picnics.

Tour along the West Coast

The Israeli arched shoreline offers a wide variety of natural places, scenery and archeology sites.


A tour to Masada-Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is located in the lowest point on earth (417 meters below sea level) and serves as the largest saltwater body in the world.


Kinneret – in the footsteps of Jesus

The Kinneret, the Sea of the Galilee, is one of the holiest Christian sites for the memories and traditions interlaced with it.

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Jerusalem Bethlehem-In the footsteps of Jesus

Jerusalem is a city with many Christian holy sites such as the Via Dolorosa and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher all related to Christ's tours in the Holy Land – sites he visited throughout his life.

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Tour to the South – Negev experience

Not far from the center of the country, a tour of about two hours, we meet a unique landscape, open spaces from horizon to horizon and natural phenomena unique to Israel.

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Tour to the South – Desert experience

South of the country is a destination tour with beautiful views combine desert with hidden water sources, historic sites, archaeological and of course various attractions for the whole family.

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