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Welcome to our site!

Glad you came to our "home" - a home for many travelers in the past, present and future. Families, groups, and societies - each according to his choice and love. Our unique thing that sets us apart from others is us: Charlie and Lizzy. With wholehearted hospitality and real communication your trip will be perfect.

We specialize in family trips and group tours and invite you to visit the pages of the site to see the variety of customers, from family trips from Israel and abroad, trips to large companies such as Coca-Cola, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and more. From the participants, we will be happy to assist you with any questions or requests.

Hebrew, French, English, and there is nothing like sign language - all with a smile, patience, and a real desire to experience and create an unforgettable tour for you and the family or group you represent.

We have a lot of recommendations. We invite you to call for a free, no-obligation consultation, we will try to help you with what you want and need.

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