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Our Services

Among the services we have to offer as part of
your visit are hotels, sites, attractions, restaurants,
VIP service at the airport and everything that
will be required for your visit and your experience
to be perfect.

* VIP services at the airport:
Our VIP service starts at the airport, we will take care of your stay at the airport by a personal flight attendant who will take care of all arrival procedures, which will save you time, reduce bureaucracy and save you unsafe situations. The service is customized according to customer needs and includes an audit Passports, security, luggage handling and check in. This service is provided upon arrival in Israel and departure.

* Hotel reservations:
Need a recommendation for a hotel, kibbutz, field school or luxury hotel?
The hotel plays an important role in your vacation, so how do you choose the right hotel?
Experts in choosing the best accommodations for you and we will be happy to help you find one that fits your budget and standards.


* Transfer from the airport to the airport:
Shuttle services to and from the airport are all in a spacious and air-conditioned vehicle.


* Sites booking:
Advance booking of the sites you will want to visit saves time and the need to stand in line and in addition ensures that you guarantee yourself tickets for the most convenient time for you and in accordance with your plan.

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