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A two-day family tour to the north 


The north offers a variety of landscapes and attractions, green mountains, streams and springs, snow and waterfalls. you can walk there in all seasons.

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A 10 day Classical Israel Family Tour

Each family has its own interests, desires, belief…

this itinerary is written as a recommendation only.

We match the itinerary and tailor it exactly to your desires,

budget and amount of people and interests of each participant.

It is planned so they fit all ages while integrating knowledge and fun.

It is an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones

and create great memories that will last forever.


Pilgrimage tour – In the footsteps of Jesus

Over the years you've read, heard and dreamed about those sites and now comes the moment the dream becomes a reality and the prays get validated. In the following itinerary we will visit holy places imprinted in Christian faith and the heart of pilgrims.

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