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Private Tours

Organizing a tour requires a lot of planning and knowledge of the place where you travel.

Private tours are designed for a family or a small group and allow exploring the country with a professional tour guide.

Those tours are planed according to your demands and adapted to your schedule and desires.

Unlike group tours, in private tours a private tour guide will take you by tourism car that is adjusted to the number of travelers, length of tour will be in accordance with your request, you can choose the place where you want to stay, the schedule and the program being tailored are according to your wishes and your interests and can be combined with attractions for children and adults as one.

There are plenty of itineraries from the Golan Heights, the Dead Sea and Masada, the desert, the coast and many places to visit.

Tour Operator

Traveling to Israel is a once in a lifetime experience. This land is the birthplace of three major world religions and is part of the "cradle" of modern civilization. Let our tour specialists be your guide to this majestic land. Let us create a memorable tour of Israel for your group. We can accommodate families, church groups, student groups, or any other group you may be t Our tour specialists can personalize a tour specific to your travel needs. We have many different itineraries which can include a wide array of travel options. We can create a tour which accommodates:

Your specific dates of travel

The length of your stay in Israel

The size of your traveling group

The specific type of hotel and amenities you desire 

To include specific sites and areas you wish to see

Special meetings or events you wish to attend

Personal requests

Our tour specialists are dedicated to making your trip to Israel one of the most special times of your life.

We understand the time and money you're spending to have this one-time experience. We are committed to working with you every step of the way. Our fantastic customer service starts when your first contact us about your tour. After planning your tour, our personal service doesn't stop. you can read recommendations we got to get the idea, and see what companies took tours with us.

After you arrive in Israel, our guides will ensure you are met at the airport and all your personal comforts are attended to. From the time you plan your visit to the time you leave, we promise to give you the best possible service we can offer. We will always be available during your tour to answer questions, address any concerns, and see to all your needs. We strive to help accommodate all your requests, both big and small.

We offer first class, friendly service at prices that are incredibly reasonable. Our tours stand out above other tours because of our attention to details. Our tour specialists are incredibly knowledgeable and have many years of experience handling tour groups of all sizes. Our focus is Israel and only Israel. We know this land and its history. We value the incredible modern diversity and the ancient past. Our tour specialists are local, and they live and work here day in and day out. We love our beautiful country, and we want to share our love of this stunning nation with you. It is our greatest hope that you will leave with the great love for Israel.

Our tour specialists can arrange any number of special meetings or events for your group. We are partners with many local churches, congregations, businesses, and associations. We focus on making your tour one of a kind and very personal. Ask us about arranging special tours to celebrate life events such as weddings, baptisms and birthdays. We would be honored to celebrate these happy occasions with you.

Please contact us today for a professional consultation. Give us the opportunity to create a custom tour that will meet and fulfill all your dreams

raveling with.

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