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Day 1:

We will go north at 8:00 am to park "Gan Hanadiv".

"Gan Hanadiv" is a natural pearl commemorating the life of Baron Benjamin de Rothschild.

The place offers spacious gardens carefully designed combining meticulous landscaping style with natural vegetation.

We will stop at the park for light breakfast and tour guide and action for the whole family.

Continue north for Sea of Galilee cruise, sailing in the region and exposed to the view of the beauty of the beach.

After the cruise we will have a short drive to a nearby restaurant for lunch. We then continue driving north to "Avney Eithan"

where we will spend the night in the camping set.

Day 2:

We will eat Breakfast at the place.

08:30 we head into Kibbutz Ein Zivan self-driving trip Tomkarim accompanied by guides take us on a trip setting

Of wilderness, orchards and forests.

From there we will visit one of the most amazing observation spots of the Golan Heights – Bental Mountain. it's a non-working volcano which is a beautiful observation point on the Golan Heights.

We will drive to Kibbutz El-Rom, take a tractor with a cart to go apples picking and from there to the observation spot and explanations of the Valley of Tears.

We will Lunch in a Druze village. At the end of the meal we will drive shortly to Banias waterfall and go on the hanging bridge,

a Wooden path built on steel poles over the river allowing walking along upstream.

The trail passes Natural wood and allows to benefit from the flow of water and walking path shaded and cool.

Then we will go back from the stream and get organized for the trip back to the center of the country.

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