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Tour to the South – Negev experience

Start driving south to Golda Park, where we will stop for breakfast.

We begin our trip Ben Gurion's hut, left as he requested in his will. Hut and paths are used to open a museum featuring sayings of Ben Gurion and Sde Boker Traces old.

A short walk we reach the shrine of Paula and David Ben Gurion, the vegetation around the park area,

Nahal Zin, mountain area and at the Valley which spans an impressive mall with a hidden magical spring.

We will continue a nature reserve – Ein Avdat, then walk the stream requiring little effort to reach a pool of three, a little oasis and lush green vegetation, water pool merges with white chalk and creates the most beautiful view mirrors Negev (walking route between the two).

We will visit a Bedouin encampment in the camel trip and Bedouin lunch.

Continue south about 12 miles to the ancient Nabatean city. Findings will be revealed in Avdat Nabatean center, there also appears a short film on the life of the Nabateans and the Spice Route.

At first you were working on ways to stop the Nabatean Spice Route, some stations later became cities.

City tour worked completes the story of the Nabateans, the people came from the desert, arid and ran with it eventually received the Christian religion and assimilated into the local population.

Drive back north…

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