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Jerusalem Tour

Jerusalem is a holy city and the most important of Judaism and that the historical fact of the existence of the first temple (from Solomon) and the Second Temple.

So began our trip from Mt observing the Old City and the walls of the city.

From there go to Jaffa Gate. Jaffa Gate is named after the ancient road leading from the west to the port city of Jaffa, Jaffa was the main port of the country until the time of the British Mandate.

Length of the old city wall was four and a half miles and is closing an area of ​​square kilometers (thousand hectares) – the Old City. Go on a short piece the old city wall, from Jaffa Gate to Zion Gate

Enters the Old City, Jewish Quarter through the Armenian Quarter, visiting cards and then drop the wall.

We'll stop at the Western Wall for half an hour for free.

Return to Jaffa Gate through the roofs of the old city and the market, as we Jaffa Gate bus waiting for us.

Collection and drive for lunch.

The end of the day we will visit Ma'alot time "and uncover the secrets of the Old City of Jerusalem.

On the way back last stop was an interesting visit of the visitor center "kindly grandfather."

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