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Bar Mitzvah at Masada

A tour from childhood to adulthood closing a 2000-year cycle threaded with memories you will never forget. Masada – a tale of Jewish devotion striving for freedom by fighting for its principals, heritage and freedom. A Bar Mitzvah celebration on Masada will be an unforgettable experience connecting past and present.

We will begin the day very early in the morning and take the Snake Path up the Masada to see the sunrise from the North Palace. Then we will continue to the synagogue located on the mountain and read the Torah and lay phylacteries (Tefilin).

After the ceremony, we will take the cable railway down and have a fancy breakfast in the new restaurant recently opened on the site.

We will visit the Masada museum, an adventure that draws you into the fascinating story of Masada.

We will listen to the historic story of Joseph Ben Matityahu (Titus Flavius Josephus) and experience the kingdom of Herod until the fall of Masada.

We will top the adventure in a relaxing visit to the Dead Sea shore and enjoy a special opportunity to bath and float on the water famous for its healing abilities.

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