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Tour to Masada & Dead Sea

It contains a high concentration of salt – tenfold other seas. This saltiness enables you to float on the water and prevents any possibility of life forms to develop in its water and therefore its name – the Dead Sea. Overlooking the Dead Sea is Masada – an ancient fortress located on an isolated cliff on the eastern edge of the Judea desert.

We will travel to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, and learn about its geological character. We will settle on one of the many organized beaches where we will have a chance to experience floating on salty water and cover our body with mineral-rich mud known for its healing attributes. We then will visit the AHAVA factory, specializing in Dead Sea cosmetics products. Next, we will continue to Masada and listen to the heroic and brave story of choosing death over slavery and learn about the Jewish resistance to the foreign conquer.

This trip will never be forgotten. You will only want to come and visit again.

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